Meet Sheila

Hi! I'm Sheila Petersen. 

After 20 years in a corporate setting, I realized the way I was living was not conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. I woke up everyday and let the weather predict my mood. Rainy? Bad mood. Cloudy? Meh. Sunny? Happy. I left just enough time to get to work without taking time for me and my self care. Shower, coffee, breakfast, walk dog and run to the train. I was doubled over in pain and secretly icing my body. I spent ten years trying to understand why this pain was showing up. I thought I was healthy. I believe we store experience (past, present and future) in our body. It will eventually show up as inflammation and chronic pain. Inflammation and chronic pain lead to dis-ease. It certainly had for me.

Until I addressed the root cause of my patterns, habits, choices and conditioning, nothing changed for the better. From doctor to physical therapy, from pain pills to medicinal patches, it wasn't until I addressed these key areas of life, when I began to notice a shift. I lost 10 lbs. I began sleeping without getting up in the night. I was experiencing sustainable energy throughout the day(bye-bye 3pm slump and Starbucks runs) and I stopped using food, alcohol and Facebook to numb out. My positive outlook on life is like nothing I ever imagined!  

I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have your dreams fall by the wayside, while still trying to keep everything else in life afloat - family, health, faith, and community.

If you’re like me, that means prioritizing your relationship with self care (mind and body practices like meditation, nutrition, exercise, positive attitude), time management, friends, family and your finances. It means letting go of my favorite excuses, you know the one's - "There's not enough time" and "I can't afford that."

In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting, singing, cooking, creating, traveling, acupuncture, exercising and massage. 

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Just Some Of The Books I've Read That Have CHANGED My Life

The Charge, Motivation Manifesto & Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy

The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers & 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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The Place That Completely Transformed My Life - The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Making the decision to become a Health Coach and enrolling at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition was a stepping stone to creating a business and a life that I love! Do you crave the same? What are you 'busy' doing? Is it 'busy' work or your 'life's' work? Experience a class at IIN Now. After you've watched the class and you're super excited about what's next, schedule a time to talk with me Q & A style.

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