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Job Description for Lovechange - Change Coach.

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I am in the process of creating a sub-brand to Life Elemental called lovechange. (www.lovechange.me - coming soon!!) 

Each day, thousands of people are looking for help in discovering personal strengths, motivation and skills that will enable them to make lasting changes with their food, mindset and behaviors so they can feel better in all areas of life.

Navigating through the trial and error of running a business is no joke. I know because I've been there. Coaching with the lovechange structure will allow you to save time, money and energy creating your brand, marketing yourself on social media, and learning how to make money. I have been building and coaching under Life Elemental, LLC for 6 years. I've learned key strategies that can significantly ease the process. I've gathered the components that helped me lay the foundation for a successful practice and now I am inviting you to join me. I've mentored coaches in a corporate/clinical setting as well. Coaches with the desire to learn how to create a life of financial freedom and time to focus on their dreams should apply to work with lovechange..

Role of lovechange - Change Coach 

First and foremost, coaches are there to listen, build rapport, and provide empathetic support. Coaches will create a no judgement zone and a safe space for your clients to open and share what is really going on in their lives. Coaching takes place locally in Chicago, and video or phone. In between sessions, coaches may use email and text, which is why coaches must have excellent writing skills and the ability to convey warmth through this medium. Coaches must make all members feel welcome and supported, and coaches must maintain a warm, calm presence regardless of the circumstance. 

Over time, coaches assist clients in taking consistent, yet slow and sustainable steps that lead to meaningful change in their lives. They check-in regularly to offer support/encouragement, track successes and setbacks, and provide resources, tools and strategies to facilitate progress. Coaches will learn how to get comfortable selling this coaching package and signing up clients. 


  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate OR equivalent IIN coaching certification.
  • Knowledge of coaching techniques such as Primary Foods, Secondary Foods, Circle of Life, Motivational Interviewing, SMART goal setting, assessing stages of change / readiness, etc. 

Essential Qualities 

  • Ability to empathize, identify, relate, and connect quickly
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Able to work well within a team and on your own
  • Adaptable/comfortable with change
  • Open and responsive to feedback
  • Critical and creative thinking ability
  • Ability to make meetings and phone/video calls for training
  • Ability to sell this model

Benefits & Compensation 

  • Compensation to be discussed in the interview
  • Part Time and Full Time hours available
  • Accountability Check-Ins
  • Ongoing Training & Feedback Sessions
  • Monthly Bonus Rewards
  • Weekly Coach Spotlight Blog & Social Media Opportunities

To schedule an interview:

1. Please schedule your 30 minute meeting here:


2. Please email your cover letter and resume to sheila@lifeelemental.com

"Working with Sheila has helped me reach my goals. She has taught me to be present in my choices, to take the minute to ask myself how is this choice going to make me feel? Am I eating this because I'm hungry or because it's in front of me? Sheila has helped me retrain my thought process on how I approach choices. The accountability has kept me on target. I feel like I am truly being and feeling like my best self which I owe to Sheila for giving me the support and tools I needed to reach this incredible feeling!" - Sara 

“Sheila helps empower me to hold on to my joy! I am learning that when changes happen in my life, I am not just a spectator, I am a co-creator! Sheila not only meets me where I am on my journey, but shows me how to enjoy myself along the way. She calls herself my health coach, but she feels like that friend who knows me and knows my value, and won’t allow me to sell myself short!” - Toni 

"Sheila is a joy to work with. She leads by example: Sheila truly lives what she preaches and is an inspiring mentor. As a manager, she was always poised and listening. She makes herself available when her coaches need support. She is a leader you want to follow." - Alexandra